Many Thanks to Mollie

A special thank you to a good friend of mine and freshmen Mollie Selmanoff for helping me with this week’s post! 

      “My transition to college was not easy to say the least, and it continues to be challenge but I can say for a fact that I wouldn’t be nearly as happy here as I am without Hillel/JSU.  I thoroughly enjoy going to many events that they have to offer, and I have made some of my closest friends through JSU.  Not only am I welcome to come to events, but the doors are always open for me to come in, chat with staff members and enjoy a good laugh.                                                                                                  

      Before coming to CofC, I wanted to be in an A Capella group.  I thought college would be the perfect place to explore that passion of mine.  Since we didn’t have a Jewish A Capella group, I decided to start one with a couple friends and Dara Rosenblatt.  Kol HaCougarim is the first and only Jewish A Capella group on campus.  One of my highlights every week is going to rehearsal and whether we accomplish anything or not, we always are sure to have a good laugh and a fun time. Though we may only be 4 singers, we are strong and determined to continue our love for music through this group.”

Want to share what your experience has been like at CofC? Comment on here and let me know! I would love to feature anyone in a blog post. 


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